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How to improve 5G application support capability in 3 years?

Update Time: 2021-06-29 10:43:43

5G convergence applications are an important engine to promote the digital, intelligent and networked transformation of the economy and society. 5G future applications will no longer be just for cell phones, it will be geared towards future smart cities, smart agriculture, VR/AR, smart manufacturing, industrial internet, smart medical, driverless, smart home, drones, emergency security, vehicle networking, etc.

5G technology can use the three major scenarios to connect all widely distributed and fragmented people, machines and devices to build a unified interconnection network, and 5G-supported applications will be the next trigger point. Therefore, it is especially important to enhance 5G application support capabilities in the next three years, which can be done mainly from the following points.


5G application ecology integration action

1. Promote 5G convergence application policy innovation

Encourage and support localities to combine regional characteristics and industry advantages, build 5G application innovation leading areas with significant synergistic effects, strong radiation drive capability and clear business models, explore new application promotion modes, and promote large-scale applications in key industries from point to point.

2. Accelerate the development of cross-field integration and innovation

Support telecom operation, communication equipment, information technology, Internet and other enterprises to combine their advantages and carry out 5G comprehensive application technology innovation, integration innovation, service innovation and data application innovation. Create a number of application solution providers that understand both 5G and the industry, support the digital transformation of thousands of industries, drive the development of chip modules on a large scale, and promote upstream and downstream cross-border cooperation.

3. Carry out the construction of 5G application innovation carriers

Relying on the 5G application industry matrix, build a number of 5G comprehensive application innovation centers with leading enterprises and scientific research institutions as the main bodies to carry out application innovation technology and industrial services. Relying on leading industry enterprises, universities and research institutes, accelerate the construction of 5G application incubators and public innovation spaces, and improve the operation mode of innovation carriers. Combine the characteristics of local industries to promote the transfer and transformation of 5G technologies and application solutions.

4. Strengthen public technology platform support for 5G applications

To meet the key common technology needs in key areas such as industrial manufacturing, transportation, and medical care, rely on leading industry enterprises, universities and research institutes to carry out joint research on key technologies for 5G industrial applications, build common technology platforms for key industries, and solve technical bottlenecks that restrict the replication and promotion of industry applications.

The 5G network capacity of strong base action

1. Improve the level of public 5G network coverage

Accelerate the construction of 5G independent network, expand the coverage of 5G network in urban and rural areas, continuously build 5G high-quality network, and promote the coordinated development of "double gigabit" network. The new 5G network will fully support IPv6 and strive to increase IPv6 traffic in the 5G network. Strengthen 5G network coverage in indoor scenes, underground spaces, key transportation hubs and trunk lines, and improve the quality of network services in typical scenes. 5G networks in rural and remote areas should expand coverage by using low and medium frequency bands.

2. Strengthen industry-oriented 5G network provisioning capabilities

Accelerate end-to-end network slicing, edge computing, indoor high-precision positioning and other key technology support capabilities, and promote 5G coverage in key areas such as free trade zones, industrial parks and enterprise plants. Support localities to build 5G industry virtual private networks in conjunction with regional needs, explore new network construction modes, and form regional leading effects.

3.Strengthen 5G frequency resource guarantee

Continue to do a good job in coordinating interference between 5G base stations and radio stations such as satellite earth stations. Carry out research on the demand for 5G industry-specific frequencies and the compatibility of other radio systems, and study and develop a suitable licensing model and management rules for the use of 5G industry-specific frequencies in China.

5G application security enhancement actions

1. Strengthen 5G application security risk assessment

Construct a whole-life security management mechanism for 5G application security risks, guide enterprises to incorporate 5G application security risk assessment mechanisms into the 5G application R&D and promotion workflow, and synchronize the planning and construction of operational security management and technical measures. Do supervision and inspection of 5G applications and key information infrastructure to improve the security level of 5G applications.

2. Carry out 5G application security demonstration and promotion

Encourage localities and enterprises to build 5G application security innovation demonstration centers, develop standardized, modular and easy-to-promote 5G application security solutions, carry out pilot demonstration promotion of 5G network security technology applications, and promote the implementation and promotion of best practices by leading enterprises in key industries such as industry, transportation, energy and healthcare. Promote the use of commercial passwords in 5G applications and do a good job of security assessment of password applications.

3. Strengthen security supply assurance services for 5G applications

Support 5G security technology innovation and core technology transformation, and encourage 5G security innovation enterprises to reside in the National Network Security Industrial Park. Strengthen 5G security service model innovation, promote 5G security technology cooperation and capability sharing, and encourage cross-industry and cross-discipline development of integrated application scenario security service solutions. Strengthen 5G network security threat information discovery, sharing and collaborative disposal.


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