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Hirose ZX80 Series Micro-USB Type B Receptacles - EXPANSION

Published time: 2019-12-19 22:51:50

Hirose ZX80 Series Micro-USB Type B Receptacles - EXPANSION

The Hirose ZX80 Series Micro-USB Connectors are now available with the new cradle-style Micro-B Receptacle. The unique lock construction ensures high durability while providing easy insertion/disconnection.

Hirose Electric designed the ZX80 Series Micro-USB Connectors to be 60% smaller than the standard Mini-B Connectors, and allow high-speed data transfer of 480Mbp. The highly durable Hirose Electric ZX80 Series Micro-USB Connectors have a 1A current rating, operating temperature range of -30?C to 85?C, 10,000 mating cycles, UL94V, and comply with physical, electrical, and environmental requirements of USB 2.0 standard. Applications for the ZX80 Series include mobile phones, PDA, portable music players, digital cameras, digital camcorders, and digital audio players.
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Hirose Electric Company specializes in the manufacture of connectors and has been a contributor to the development of the electronics sector for over 70 years.


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