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Hirose FX10 Series 10+ Gbps 0.5mm Pitch B2B Connectors - EXPANSION

Update Time: 2019-12-19 22:52:26

Hirose FX10 Series 10+ Gbps 0.5mm Pitch B2B Connectors - EXPANSION

Hirose has expanded the FX10 Series to include 10+ Gbps 0.5mm Pitch B2B Connectors. Hirose offers the 10+ Gbps 0.5mm Pitch B2B Connectors as an electrical interface for the OIF 100G Long-Haul DWDM Transmission Module (MSA-100GLH). These connectors provide excellent signal integrity with a differential impedance of 100 ± 10ohms at 30ps rise time (20% to 80%) and an insertion-loss-to-crosstalk ratio (ICR) with five-aggressor differential FEXT that meets the extrapolated IEEE 802.3ap specification for 10+ Gbps.

The Hirose FX10 Series B2B Connectors are 0.5mm pitch headers and receptacles with optional ground plates on both sides of the header and receptacle to improve transmission characteristics. Signal and ground are arranged in a ratio of 10:1 with the ground plate SMT connected to the board. The ground stability achieved serves to reduce noise. With a stacking height of either 4mm or 5mm, the FX10 series comes in 80, 100, 120, and 140 contact positions. provides additional solder weld strength through metal fittings. Hirose's FX10 Series B2B Connectors without the grounding plate have been filled with additional signal contacts (96, 120, 144, and 158 contact positions). These board-to-board connectors feature a rated current of 0.3A and a rated voltage of 50VAC. Ideal for notebook computers, PDA, and other miniature electronic equipment.
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Hirose Electric Company specializes in the manufacture of connectors and has been a contributor to the development of the electronics sector for over 70 years.

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