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Power Integrations launches highly integrated InnoSwitch3 flyback switch IC

Update Time: 2020-10-30 09:51:09

Power Integrations, a well-known company deep in the field of high-voltage integrated circuits and high-efficiency power conversion, announced today that InnoSwitch™3-AQ has begun mass production, which is a flyback switch IC that has passed AEC-Q100 certification and integrates 750 V MOSFET And secondary side detection function. The newly certified device series are suitable for electric vehicle applications such as traction inverters, OBC (on-board charger), EMS (energy management DC/DC bus converter) and BMS (battery management system).


InnoSwitch3-AQ uses Power Integrations' high-speed FluxLink™ coupling technology, which can achieve a high-precision input voltage and load comprehensive adjustment rate of ±3% without the need for a dedicated isolation transformer to detect windings and optocouplers. FluxLink technology can maintain output voltage regulation even under transient stress testing, which is particularly challenging for PSR-based solutions. The integrated 750 V MOSFET can meet stringent automotive derating requirements, and the on-chip synchronous rectifier controller can provide an efficiency of more than 90% at a nominal 400 VDC input voltage. 

The optimized InnoSwitch3-AQ design can achieve a no-load energy consumption of less than 10 mW over the entire input voltage range. The InnoSwitch3-AQ series IC adopts a surface-mount InSOP package with a creepage distance of 11 mm from primary to secondary, which exceeds the strict requirements for insulation at high altitudes (above 5000 meters).

RDR-840Q is a reference design using a newly released IC. It demonstrates the startup, shutdown and efficient operation of this power supply in the input range of 30 VDC to 550 VDC, as well as fast dynamic response and various safety and protection functions. .

Edward Ong, Product Marketing Manager of Power Integrations, said: "InnoSwitch3-AQ represents a high level of integration of flyback controllers, enabling automotive power supplies to have a very small number of components and a very small PCB area. The device has a wide load range. The consistent high efficiency performance means it can easily meet the demanding heat dissipation requirements of the automotive industry. FluxLink technology can achieve accurate performance and high reliability."

PI's senior technical training manager stated at the press conference that InnoSwitch™3-AQ is an integrated chip, while most other similar products on the market are composed of separate components, so there is no chip similar to InnoSwitch™3-AQ on the market.

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