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High reliability 1700V full SiC power module

Update Time: 2019-12-20 10:34:49

BSM250D17P2E004, 1700V high-voltage products are in high demand, the use of new chip coating materials and process methods, insulation breakdown, high temperature and high humidity back bias test, hv-h3trb, conduction resistance reduced by 10%.

ROHM develops "BSM250D17P2E004", a full-sic power module with industry-leading * reliability and rating guarantee of 1700V/250A, for inverters and converters of power supply for industrial equipment led by outdoor power generation system, charge-discharge tester and other assessment devices.

* ROHM survey data as of October 26, 2018

High demand for 1700V full SiC power modules withstand voltage

In recent years, due to the excellent energy saving effect of SiC products, SiC products with 1200V voltage resistance are increasingly widely used in automotive and industrial equipment and other fields.The system shows the trend of high voltage development, and the demand for 1700V voltage resistant products is increasingly strong.However, due to the influence of reliability and other factors, it is difficult to launch SiC products for 1700V pressure-resistant products, and IGBT is mainly used at present.

The 1700V module developed this time adopts new coating materials and new process methods, which successfully prevents the breakdown of insulation and inhibits the increase of leakage current.In addition, in the high temperature and high humidity reverse bias test, it presents extremely high reliability, and no insulation breakdown occurs even in more than 1,000 hours, so as to successfully launch the full SiC power module with rating guaranteed 1700V/250A.

The 1700V full SiC power module BSM250D17P2E004 through the adoption of new coating material as the protection of the chip, and the introduction of new technology, the module through the High Temperature and High Humidity Reverse Bias test (hv-h3trb: High Voltage High Humidity High Temperature Reverse Bias).

HV - were carried out for BSM250D17P2E004 and same IGBT module H3TRB high temperature and high humidity the partial test, test conditions for 85% in the 85 ℃ / high temperature and high humidity environment, applying the 1360 v.The test results showed that IGBT module had an increase of leakage current caused by insulation deterioration or insulation breakdown at an early stage, and the failure occurred within 1,000 hours.However, the newly developed SiC power module has no insulation breakdown even beyond 1,000 hours, showing extremely high reliability.

The SiC SBD(schottky barrier diode) and SiC MOSFET constituting BSM250D17P2E004 are all produced by ROHM.Through the best combination configuration of SiC SBD and SiC MOSFET, the on resistance is 10% lower than the same ordinary products.This will greatly help to further reduce the energy consumption of the application.



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