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High Power Semiconductors for Industrial Applications

Update Time: 2019-12-20 13:56:02

High Power Semiconductors for Industrial Applications

Infineon is a recognized leader in IGBT technology and offers a comprehensive portfolio in a wide variety of voltage and current classes. Our IGBT product line encompasses a broad range of Discrete Components, Power Modules and complete Stack Solutions. Infineon supplies a broad portfolio of IGBT chips assembled in discrete plastic packages, so-called discretes IGBTs, which are available as single IGBTs or co-packaged with freewheeling diode. These power devices are suitable for applications such as General Purpose Inverters, Solar Inverters, UPS, Induction Heating, Major Home Appliances, Welding and SMPS. The major benefits of discretes IGBTs include high current density and low power dissipation which, in return, lead to higher efficiency and more effective cooling with fewer heat sinks. This translates into lower overall system costs. Power modules form the basic building blocks of power electronic equipment. They typically integrate IGBT and diode dies in various topologies. Ready-to-use assembled Stacks are designed to cope with the needs of the highest power applications. These Stacks, often referred to as Systems, are based on IGBT power modules or discs, depending on the field of application. From all-in-one power integrated modules with integrated rectifier, brake chopper and inverter to highest power Stack assemblies, Infineon products cover hundreds of watts up to gigawatts. General purpose drives, servo-units and renewable energy applications like solar inverters or wind applications benefit from the outstanding performance, efficiency and longevity of these highly reliable, robust products. The blue icons on the right hand representing various applications will guide you through the entire catalogue and help you select the right solution for your design. 

EUPEC is a 100% subsidiary of Infineon. provides a wide array of innovative semiconductor products, including IGBT high power and standard modules, thyristors and diodes. Quality products and service coupled with their unsurpassed technical expertise, furnish customers with a complete and superior source for all of their semiconductor requirements.


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