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High Power Passives Fit Emerging RF Energy Market

Update Time: 2019-12-20 00:00:00

High Power Passives Fit Emerging RF Energy Market

In addition to the vast array of consumer electronics, wireless infrastructure, military and space-based communication applications that are enabled by microwave technology, RF waves are also used to heat dissipative objects and power physicochemical processes. One example is, of course, the microwave ovens ubiquitous in our residential and commercial kitchens. Another would be microwave-based dryers used for industrial tasks like drying or curing fruit or meat.

The “heating” market is where some of the most exciting new uses for microwave energy are emerging. Here, RF energy generated by solid-state semiconductor chains – rather than the traditional, inefficient, short-lived magnetrons – is being contained, controlled and directed with more precision than before, yielding a host of new uses for RF energy:

  • Efficiently jumpstarting automotive ignition and industrial lighting systems
  • Enabling more precise medical imaging and analysis (MRI and NMR equipment)

  • Empowering a new generation of “smart,” solid-state microwave ovens that are highly 
  • programmable,IoT-connected and able to distinguish among the components of your me
  • While several market-making suppliers, many of whom are founders of the RF 
  • Energy Alliance, have launched (or have in their near-term pipelines) many of the 
  • technologies needed to realize this potential, passive RF components 
  • have not kept pace with the power handling and performance requirements for these new applications. Until


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