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High Performance Shielded Contacts

Update Time: 2019-12-20 13:55:51

High Performance Shielded Contacts

Shielded coaxial contacts have a special role in the interconnect system and are designed for use in a wide range of military and aerospace connectors that service analog radio frequency or microwave applications. Most Glenair cylindrical connectors, including our D38999 type, can accommodate shielded contacts. Rectangular connector packages, such as our high-performance HiPer-D are also ideally suited for these shielded contacts.

to Twinax and Quadrax

High-speed differential impedance contacts, such as those used in advanced digital communications applications, are another key specialty at Glenair. Our Twinax and Quadrax contacts are exactingly engineered and manufactured using the best available materials and manufacturing processes. Conductive elements are gold-plated copper alloy. Dielectrics are highperformance fluorocarbon. When applicable, our shielded contacts are approved to SAE AS39029.


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