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Heat sinks cool TO-264 devices

Update Time: 2019-12-19 00:00:40

Heat sinks cool TO-264 devices

Eight new TO-264 heat-sink designs include the 27-mm-long MV/MA 101 and 301 heat sinks that hold two TO-264 devices with a single spring clip, eliminating the need for mounting holes and screws, and providing the same amount of force after repeated use. The 38-mm-tall R2 Series is also offered in a TO-264 configuration with a cam-clip to secure a device without the need for mounting holes or screws. The final new addition is the W Series, which has an integrated spring clip and is designed to secure the TO-264.

All of the heat sinks are available in degreased, black, or anodized finishes. (From $1.67 to $5.92 ea/100, depending on surface finish and configuration — available now.)

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