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Harwin now offers cable assemblies to support Gecko-MT hybrid technology connectors

Update Time: 2020-10-14 17:09:03

On October 12, 2020, Harwin is expanding its services related to the Gecko-MT High Reliability (Hi-Rel) series of connectors. The rugged Gecko-MT 1.25mm pitch components can significantly reduce weight and space. Now the standard 2A Rated current 8 Gecko signal contacts added 2 or 4 10A rated power contacts, which can transmit data and power at the same time. Since its release at the end of 2019, Gecko-MT high-reliability connectors are geared towards high-density electronic systems and have been widely used in avionics, drones, robotics, medical, industrial automation, satellite and other markets. On the basis of this success, Harwin has further expanded the service range of Gecko-MT series connectors.


First of all, a new cable assembly service based on customer needs can help customers avoid the cost of internal company tools, as well as related training and inspection costs. By providing this service, Harwin can assist in system prototype design and trial production, and meet customers' mass production requirements. Now Harwin can provide a variety of options according to customer needs, to minimize customer engineering workload and cost expenditure. These options include male and female heads or loose cut ends (cut ends), and support both standard and reverse fixed Screw-Lok devices. These cover 24 different termination combinations, 2 signal line specifications and up to 10m cables, providing hundreds of connection possibilities. Backpotting design can also relieve more stress on components.

In addition to complete cable assemblies, pre-wired Gecko-MT contacts can now also be ordered, which means that customers can assemble themselves after crimping. For power transmission, single-ended and double-ended male, as well as female and male-to-female contact formats are available. Now, 150mm and 450mm (white) length cables can be shipped directly from stock, while 300mm and other lengths, including red cable options, can be provided in a short delivery time. Pre-wired signal contacts can also be ordered.

Ryan Smart, Harwin’s New Product Introduction (NPI) Manager, explained: “Our Gecko-MT connectors are precision products that have high quality requirements in every production link integrated into the system design. Therefore, the integration required The accompanying cable will bring considerable engineering management costs in terms of the tools and procedures involved. By launching these new services, customers can hand over these tasks to Harwin and concentrate their resources and expertise in other areas. For very small batches, we can also provide these services in a short turnaround time."

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