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Harwin launches ultra-compact EMI/RFI shield clamps for confined design Spaces

Update Time: 2019-12-20 11:27:46

Portsmouth, UK, May 8, 2018 - Harwin announced the launch of s091-46r shield clamp, which has a surface area of only 2.3mm x 1.2mm and a height of 2mm. It is the smallest SMT EMI/RFI shield clamp on the market.Therefore, the product can better meet the stringent requirements of the latest generation of high-density electronic systems.This type of ultra-compact element is made of beryllium copper, nickel and tin, which can be installed in a small space of only 1mm in length, minimizing the space occupied by the circuit board. The thickness of 0.2mm is extremely thin, suitable for all kinds of complex shapes.

The s0911-46r is equipped with the s0921-46r shielding Angle clip to provide additional shielding in the corner clearance.This part can accommodate Harwin shield of greater thickness (0.3mm thick), and each corner clamp occupies only 6 mm of PCB surface area.

By using a product solution based on the shield clamp method, engineers no longer need to weld the shield to the PCB, which not only greatly simplifies the production process, but also provides greater flexibility.Attaching a shield to a circuit board is a simple program that can be quickly executed.Since solder is no longer required, the environmental impact is much less.It also eliminates the heat dissipation effect of soldering directly to the PCB.In addition, the shield can be easily removed after deployment for inspection and maintenance.

S09 shield clamp is suitable for the electronic design of the space constraints became more serious, such as wearable devices (smart watches, fitness tracker), Internet of things device (sensor node, the data acquisition module) and portable consumer products (smart phones, MP3 players, action camera), compact design means that the product is suitable for various applications.The product can be in 55 ° C to + 105 ° C temperature range with high reliability.The products are packaged and shipped in disc form and optimized for automated production lines.

About Harwin

Harwin has a global reputation for producing highly reliable connector solutions that can meet the most demanding application requirements in the fields of defense, aviation, aerospace, industry, oil/gas and motor sports.Over the past 65 years, the company has continuously set new benchmarks in innovation, automation and services by continuously investing in advanced equipment and training employees.

Harwin's senior engineer team has produced numerous impressive products based on the principle of "connectors never fail", and the product performance is more impenetrable than the quality of friendly products.These include Gecko(1.25mm spacing), Datamate(2mm spacing), mix-tek (combined signal, power supply and coaxial cable) and high temperature M300(3mm spacing) product lines.In addition, the company also provides easy-to-implement EMI/RFI shielding solutions, a comprehensive PCB hardware portfolio (spacers, links, Bridges, terminals, test points, etc.) and a wide range of industry-standard connectors.Through its extensive sales and distribution network, all of these products have short lead times.

Harwin's global reach has enabled it to respond quickly to customers' needs, with sales offices and manufacturing facilities in the UK, us, Germany, France and Singapore.

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