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Gore PHASEFLEX 50 GHz Test Cable Assemblies

Update Time: 2019-12-19 22:49:44

Gore PHASEFLEX 50 GHz Test Cable Assemblies

The GORE? PHASEFLEX? 50 GHz Test Cable Assemblies are internally ruggedized cables with enhanced phase and amplitude stability with flexure and maximum frequency of 50 GHz. Gore's PHASEFLEX 50 GHz Test Cable Assemblies are based on a 0.140 inch OD cable with a solid center conductor, Gore PHASEFLEX crush-resistant ruggedization, overall 0.240 inch OD, shrink tube strain reliefs, and two 2.4mm straight pin (male) A and B connectors. These test assemblies are phase and amplitude stable with flexure, flexible, crush resistant, and torque resistant. PHASEFLEX? test assemblies also offer phase matching options, replaceable interface options/adapters to reduce risk of assembly damage, and an integrated environmental protection system that shields the assembly from fluid, dust, and dirt and extends service life.

The story of Gore crosses decades, continents and industries. Get a glimpse of Gore’s 60-year history with these fast facts about the enterprise and the recognition it’s earned.

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