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Fujitsu Adds Press-Fit Option to DDR4 DIMM Connector Series

Update Time: 2019-12-20 13:47:39

Fujitsu Adds Press-Fit Option to DDR4 DIMM Connector Series

Fujitsu Components America today announced it has expanded its DDR4 DIMM connector series with the addition of a press-fit compliant pin socket. The series now offers OEMs a choice of vertical SMT, through-hole and press-fit mounting options to the PCB for greater design flexibility in high-performance computing, telecommunication, and networking server applications. 

Fujitsu’s new press-fit connector (FCN-074B288-G/0P) features 2.35mm (L) contacts that accommodate 1.8mm-thick (min.) substrates. Its compact dimensions of 6.50mm (W) x 21.3mm (H) x 141mm (L), and a 2.4mm (max.) module seating plane, conserve pcb space while optimizing airflow. 

Regardless of the termination type, the FCN-07 DDR4 DIMM socket series features Fujitsu’s proprietary, dual-contact structure, which provides robust contact reliability with an inserted memory module using two contact points per pad. The contact’s unique design also resists dust, flux and vibration to eliminate intermittent signal loss during system bring-up and ensure reliable performance for the long term. 

The FCN-07 DDR4 DIMM connectors are JEDEC compliant and support UDIMMs, RDIMMs and LRDIMM memory modules with a data speed of 3.2 billion transfers per second. They feature 288 pin counts with a 0.85mm pitch and have a -55 to +85 degC operating temperature. Other specifications include a current rating of 0.75A, a voltage rating of 29V AC/DC, and a dielectric withstand voltage of AC 500V. 

Fujitsu's product line includes electromechanical relays, high-speed differential connectors, and resistive touch panels for a wide range of applications and industries. Fujitsu is committed to developing superior products. Strict quality-process standards has put the Fujitsu at the forefront of the latest technologies, backed by outstanding customer service.


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