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FPC/FFC connector features improved operability and robustness

Update Time: 2019-12-20 02:51:03

FPC/FFC connector features improved operability and robustness

Kyocera Connector Products Corporation (San Diego, CA) announced the availability of its 6809 Series 0.5mm-pitch FPC/FFC connector which features improved operability as well as robustness by focusing on the assembly line workers’ method of operation. FPC/FFC Connectors, which are used for mobile devices, are necessary to realize smaller and thinner components on demand, however, they require delicate operation. Based on this, breakages of connectors sometimes occur due to improper operation. Other features include:

  • Pitch of 0.5mm, bottom contact, front-lock type with a height of 0.93mm for mounting area.
  • Can be applied to FPC/FFC thicknesses of 0.3mm.
  • Pad patterns that are compatible with the existing 6299 Series.

For more information on the 6809 Series, visit

Kyocera's global business is a history of producing various electronic components for many years. Kyocera supports the growing electronics market with devices, mobile phones, computers, and digital consumer devices. Kyocera meets customer demand for timing devices such as resonators, crystal oscillators, EMI filters, surface acoustic wave filters, SAW duplexers, RF modules and piezoelectric devices.


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