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Fiber cassettes interconnect 10, 40, and 100/120Gb networks

Update Time: 2019-12-20 04:59:30

Fiber cassettes interconnect 10, 40, and 100/120Gb networks

Tripp Lite (Chicago, IL) has introduced a line of high-density fiber cassette solutions that physically interconnect any combination of 10Gb, 40Gb, and 100/120Gb network equipment. Network managers can choose from a variety of easy-to-use modular cassettes and insert them into a 1U or 2U enclosure panel to create a customized and flexible fiber infrastructure. When evolving standards or organizational needs require network changes, the network manager can modify, upgrade, or expand the fiber infrastructure by simply adding or swapping cassettes. Features include:

· Support for 10Gb, 40Gb, and 100/120Gb fiber.
· High-density enclosure panel with 14 slots in 2U, 5 slots in 1U.
· Interchangeable cassettes between 1U and 2U enclosure panels.
· Built-in, easy-access wire manager.

For more information on the high-density fiber cassette solutions, visit

Founded in 1922, Tripp Lite originally manufactured automotive parts, including a line inverter. While the inverter is still part of its product line, Tripp Lite, whose customers' ever-changing needs drive over the past few decades, has placed its focus on power protection and connectivity products. As an early innovator, in the power and other industries, Tripp Lite's first UPS system is designed for personal computers and the world's most trusted premium surge suppressor, the Isobar?.


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