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FCI VLP Series - Industry

Update Time: 2019-12-19 22:22:41

FCI VLP Series - Industry

FCI announces the new VLP Series FFC/FPC 0.5mm Pitch Flexible Circuit Connector with the industry's lowest mounted profile (0.7mm). FCI's VLP series is ideal for height-constrained applications including smart phones, touch screens, small displays, handheld medical devices, industrial meters, and portable instruments. Available in 4, 8, and 10 positions, the surface mountable VLP FFC/FPC 0.5mm Pitch Flexible Circuit Connector features a zero insertion force (ZIF) cable insertion and a backside flip design, as well as a cable locking feature to provide high retention force. The FCI VLP series is lead- and halogen-free with gold-plating.

FCI was acquired by Silicon Motion and became its mobile communication product line. Founded by Framatome in 1988, FCI was originally a diversified business outside the nuclear energy sector. After more than 20 acquisitions, FCI has grown to become one of the largest connector manufacturing companies after 20 years. FCI was acquired by Bain Capital in 2005. Bain Capital is a private investment fund with extensive investment experience in nearly 75 industrial and technology companies worldwide, including automotive and communications components, which has enabled Bain to become a FCI in terms of financial, international business and business development. A valuable partner.


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