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FCI launches BarKlip rectangular copper bar connector

Update Time: 2020-07-21 15:22:07

FCI, the leading supplier of connectors and interconnect systems, announced the launch of BarKlip rectangular copper platen connectors recently.Rated at up to 170 amperes, the BarKlip connector meets the UL & CSA standard and provides superior electrical performance and long-term reliability over alternative designs.

The BarKlip connector is designed for applications requiring direct plug and pull connections to non-insulated copper strips with very low energy losses and a maximum resistance of only 0.2 milliohms per connector.BarKlip's contact design USES 10 fully independent cantilevers and provides compliant flexible springs to adjust copper alignment and surface finish variations.In addition, the flat design of the BarKlip connector and the device height of less than 25mm make it suitable for 1U rack mounting devices commonly used in data centers and new vlsi.

BarKlip connector

BarKlip bus connector design work for the temperature of minus 40 degrees Celsius (to 40 ° C) to 125 degrees C (125 ° C) above freezing, raised their commonality in terminal use.

"The BarKlip connector provides a convenient, low loss, and highly reliable way to connect to multiple FCI copper bank distribution solutions," said Michael Blanchfield, product director, FCI power solutions."FCI's patented coating technology delivers additional benefits to customers by providing maximum conductivity and long-term reliability against corrosion.We are confident that BarKlip products will be able to meet the high reliability requirements of many customers in the application of directly connected copper bars.

The BarKlip rectangular copper platen connector was officially launched at the DesignCon trade show in Santa Clara, California in 2014.Samples of the BarKlip connector are readily available.

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