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Factory programmable digital Hall effect sensors promise custom solutions at off-the-shelf prices

Update Time: 2019-12-20 22:39:05

Factory programmable digital Hall effect sensors promise custom solutions at off-the-shelf prices

Melexis Technologies NV introduced two parts to its programmable digital Hall effect sensor line. The MLX92231 and MLX92211 feature EEPROM memory, allowing magnetic switching thresholds to be configured (including hysteresis). Both are factory pre-programmed to precise Hall effect switch or latch specifications, bringing tailored results that match the customer’s specific application requirements. The MLX92211 targets applications requiring Hall effect latch magnetic characteristics. The MLX92231 supports applications for Hall effect switch magnetic behavior. A novel 32 bit unique ID code in each sensor gives lifetime traceability. Constructed on a proprietary mixed signal CMOS process technology, the MLX92231 and MLX92211 ICs integrate a Hall sensor element with advanced offset cancellation mechanism, a voltage regulator and an open-drain output driver in industry standard 3-pin SIP and TSOT23 packages. The programmable architecture enables high accuracy switching thresholds and an integrated factory programmed thermal compensation value to be set. These features simplify manufacturing of precision, thermally stable sensor modules using low cost magnet materials, while avoiding complex, expensive temperature testing.

Melexis Technologies NV,

Melexis manufactures and delivers advanced mixed-signal semiconductors that can detect, drive and communicate. Because our customers in the automotive and other markets are demanding product quality, operating conditions and cost targets, Melexis's ability to produce world-class, high-value innovative products is also created. Industry-leading innovations in programmable sensors, sensor interface devices, optoelectronics, RF/RFID and motor drives provide customers with a competitive advantage in system cost, functionality and flexibility.


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