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ERNI Electronics Introduces Optimized High-Speed Connectors

Update Time: 2019-12-20 13:51:58

ERNI Electronics Introduces Optimized High-Speed Connectors

Introducing the new ERmet ZDpro connector family, ERNI Electronic paves the way to 100G ATCA systems. The ERmet ZDpro connectors are an enhancement of the ERmet ZD family. This high-speed differential Hard Metric connector system enables data rates of >25 Gbit/s and is the first connector system that meets the requirements for 100G ATCA technology. The high data rates and the improved transmission behavior are mainly based on the reduced size of the signal termination, designed for vias with a diameter of only 0.30mm. The drilling hole diameter for the shielding contacts is specified with 0.46mm. The fact that the reduction of the vias leads to an improved crosstalk behavior was the motivation to the further miniaturization of the press-fit zone.

The communication technology shows an ongoing trend to increasing data rates and higher bandwidths. Theas means there is a strong need for 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) data transmission. Typical applications are the next generation of internet backbones, data centers or cloud computing. The new ERmet ZDpro connectors fulfill the requirements and challenges of the important interface between backplane and daughter cards in these high speed systems.

The ERmet ZDpro is based on the mechanical design of the proven ERmet ZD and ERmet ZDplus with the same dimensions. ERmet ZDpro connectors are backwards mating compatible to ERmet ZD and ZDplus connectors. This means, that existing backplane designs do not need layout changes on the backplane side, if customers want to upgrade their daughter cards in the first step before upgrading the whole system. Of course the layout on the daughter cards has to be modified, if ERmet ZDpro receptacles are used.

To benefit from the maximum performance of the new ERmet ZDpro the usage of backdrilling is recommended. Decreasing via stub length and the related "stub effect" by backdrilling significantly reduces the reflections and the overall BER (Bit Error Rate) of the connection.


The first products of the ERmet ZDpro family are the 4-pair right angle female connector and the related straight male connector with press-fit termination. Both will be available starting September 2015. The connectors provide 40 signal pairs. The male connectors are available with different contact lengths (3.8mm or 5.3mm). While the standard variants with 3.8mm contacts offer an optimized impedance behavior the male connectors with 5.3mm contact lengths provide a 1.5mm higher wipe length of 2.9mm.

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