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EMC filters minimize earth leakage currents

Update Time: 2019-12-20 21:25:48

EMC filters minimize earth leakage currents

TDK Corporation (Iselin, NJ) presents the EPCOS LeaXield active filter module, a completely new solution for the minimization of earth leakage currents in power drive systems with frequency converters. Leakage current can cause RCDs (residual current devices) to trip. In some applications, this means that RCDs with low thresholds such as 30 mA cannot be used or only used with substantial additional expense. The LeaXield active filter module is connected between the RCD and the EMC input filter of the converter in standard three-phase industrial power grids and does not require an additional power supply. Features include:

• Rated currents up to 150 A for 3-phase grids at frequencies of 50/60 Hz and a rated voltage of 520 V AC. 
• A new active filter that can be used in systems with leakage currents up to 1000 mA.
• Typical common-mode attenuation values of up to 30 dB at 4 kHz, 40 dB at 10 kHz, and 15 dB at 150 kHz.

For more information on the EPCOS LeaXield active filter module, visit

EPCOS manufactures a large range of unique passive electronic components. From surface acoustic wave components, capacitors, and ceramic components to inductors and ferrites, EPCOS offers unrivaled performance for electronics applications.EPCOS is a professional company engaging in developing, manufacturing and marketing electronic components, modules and systems. EPCOS is focusing on fast-growing leading-edge technology markets, which include information and communications technology, automotive electronics, industrial electronics and consumer electronics.

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