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Electronics chip fuses provide overcurrent protection

Update Time: 2019-12-20 22:49:07

Electronics chip fuses provide overcurrent protection

ProTek Devices introduced a family of overcurrent electronics chip fuses that add to the company’s extensive availability of overvoltage product lines. Now, the company can provide electronics design manufacturers (EDM) with a single source for advanced and cost-effective circuit protection solutions. The new overcurrent chip fuses cover a plethora of applications such as telecommunications, computing, consumer electronics and more.

The new surface mount device (SMD) overcurrent chip fuses consist of a variety of types and sizes. The part numbers for the 0603 package are PF0603F, PF0603S and PF0603H. The PF0603F is a fast-acting chip fuse. The PF0603S is a slow-blow chip fuse. And, the PF0603H is a high inrush chip fuse.  The 0603 package is ideal for LCD TVs; digital cameras; DVD and Blu-ray players; camcorders; and game consoles. It’s also ideal for power-over-Ethernet; hard drives; and other consumer devices. The 1206 part numbers are PF1206F, PF1206S and PF1206H. The PF1206F is a fast-acting chip fuse. The PF1206S is a slow-blow chip fuse.  And, the PF1206H is a high inrush chip fuse. The 1206 package is ideal for smartphones; DVD and Blu-ray players; game consoles; and digital music players. The 1206 is also ideal for GPS devices; audio systems; switching power supplies and chargers; and scanners. In addition, the 1206 package is well-suited for telecom infrastructure equipment and DSL/cable modems.

Pricing and availability
ProTek Devices’ various 0603 and 1206 electronics chip fuses are now being mass produced. Pricing starts at less than $0.05 per, in minimum quantities of 10,000 units. ProTek Devices also plans to provide 0201 fast-acting chip fuses and 0402 fast-acting, slow-blow and high inrush chip fuses in Q4 2013. Further technical details, including data sheets, can be had here.


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