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Electrolytic Capacitors target industrial applications.

Update Time: 2019-12-18 12:22:50

Electrolytic Capacitors target industrial applications.

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - October 12, 2009 - Yageo Corporation, a leading global passive components supplier, announced today the release of five new screw type Ecaps featuring extended product life and wide temperature range. Yageo's new screw type Ecaps are designed mainly for industrial applications, particularly suitable for use in heavy duty equipment including elevators, railways, welding machine, uninterruptible power supply systems and power adapters. Samples have been sent to major European customers with mass production underway. Yageo's new screw type Ecap comes in five product series including NP, NM, NF, NH and NG targeting respectively general purpose, wide temperature range, long life, high temperature and low-voltage high capacitance applications with superior working temperature from 85ºC to 105ºC and an increased lifespan from 2000 to 5000 hours.

Mr. Vincent Hu, President of Yageo Global Sales business group, said "Yageo has a solid customer base in Europe and our Ecaps are known for their reliability and stability. Backed by Yageo's latest innovation, we have, through an improved aluminum roll shape in the nucleus of electric capacitors, increased corrosion areas and enhanced capacitor efficiency. Ripple current tolerance can go up to 47 ampere. Introduction of the new screw type Ecaps has strengthened Yageo's one-stop-shop service in our pursuit of further business growth in the European market."

Yageo is poised to take advantage of its technology strength and diverse products rage combined with pricing edge to expand its European market presence and global leading position. In its effort to support customers need for dynamic applications, Yageo will continue to develop longer lifespan and wider temperature range Ecap products in the near future.

Screw type aluminum electrolytic capacitors

Series                      NP          NM           NF            NH                      NG
Load Life                  2000        2000         5000           5000                    2000
Working Temperature         85         105           85            105                      85
Characteristics     For general use   For wide     Long life      High temperature,     Low voltage,
                                     temperature  for Inverter  long life for Inverter   large capacity

About Yageo
Founded in 1977, Yageo Corporation has become a world-class provider of passive-component services with capabilities on a global scale, including production and sales facilities in Asia, Europe and Americas. The corporation is uniquely positioned to provide one-stop-shopping, offering its complete product portfolio of resistors, capacitors and inductors in both commodity and specialty versions, plus design-in capability, distribution, e-commerce connection and logistics. Yageo currently ranks as the world No.1 in chip-resistors, No. 3 in MLCCs and No. 3 in ferrite products. Yageo Corporation has 20 sales offices, 8 production sites, 6 JIT logistic outfits and 3 R&D centers.

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