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ebm-papst 2200 FTD Series Tubeaxial Fans

Update Time: 2019-12-19 22:16:14

ebm-papst 2200 FTD Series Tubeaxial Fans

ebm-papst's 2200 FTD Series Tubeaxial Fan is a DC fan with an electronically commutated external rotor motor, making it a fully integrated commutation electronic device. The 2200 FTD Series from ebm-papst also includes electronic protection against reverse polarity, speed signal and PWM(P) or 0-10VDC / PWM (0) speed control as standard features, fiberglass reinforced PA impeller and aluminum housing with grounding lug for screw M4x8, air exhaust over struts, and UL, CSA, VDE approvals on most models.

EBM Papst are the world’s leading manufacturer of high efficiency fan and motor products. They invest millions of Euros each year on developing and improving our products; and continue to set new market standards. Their GreenTech philosophy states that every new product released shall be economically and ecologically superior to its predecessor; ensuring there are continuous advancements within our products.


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