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Easily develop and pair intuitive automotive infotainment systems with one tap using TI's NFC transponder

Update Time: 2019-12-20 14:22:51

Easily develop and pair intuitive automotive infotainment systems with one tap using TI's NFC transponder

Enabling developers to bring the ease of NFC to automotive infotainment systems, Texas Instruments (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) today announced the industry's first dynamic dual interface NFC transponder with Q100 automotive qualification.

The RF430CL330H-Q1 transponder enables simple secure pairing (SSP) using the Out of Band (OOB) association model for Bluetooth┬«, Bluetooth Smart and Wi-Fi┬« between an NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet and an automotive infotainment system. Pair and connect or execute NFC-enabled Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) with one tap to configure specific driver settings when entering the car, eliminating complicated manual procedures.

A highly optimized NFC interface can also serve as a secure configuration and service interface for diagnostics data, supporting 106, 212, 424 and 848 kBaud data rates to allow maximum communication flexibility. The RF430CL330H-Q1 supports an I2C or serial peripheral interface (SPI) connection to an infotainment host processor in the vehicle, including the DRA74x "Jacinto 6" or DRA72x "Jacinto 6 Eco" automotive Systems-on-Chip (SoCs) from Texas Instruments.

Pricing and availability
The RF430CL330H-Q1 dynamic dual interface NFC transponder interface is available for USD $0.62 at 1,000 unit volumes.  Developers can begin evaluating their NFC designs using the RF430CL330H-Q1 dynamic NFC transponder interface with .

Innovation is at the core of TI MCUs
Beginning with the foundation of leading process technology and adding unique system architecture, intellectual property and real-world system expertise, TI continues its 20+ years of MCU innovation with low-power and performance MCUs. With unique products for ultra-low power, low-power performance and security communications, to real-time control, control and automation, and safety, designers can accelerate time to market with TI's ecosystem of tools, software, wireless connectivity solutions, extensive Design Network offerings and technical support.

About Texas Instruments
Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) is a global semiconductor design and manufacturing company that develops analog ICs and embedded processors. By employing the world's brightest minds, TI creates innovations that shape the future of technology. TI is helping more than 100,000 customers transform the future, today


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