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DVGAs enable basestation radio designs

Update Time: 2019-12-19 00:01:00

DVGAs enable basestation radio designs

The LMH6522 quad and LMH6521 dual digital variable-gain amplifiers (DVGA) provide superior linearity performance over a wide frequency range, making them an ideal solution for the most challenging multichannel wideband wireless systems. Target applications include IF sampling receivers, I/Q digital pre-distortion signal paths and wide-bandwidth direct-conversion radios used in multicarrier GSM, TD-SCDMA, W-CDMA, and LTE wireless basestations.They are optimize for driving a wide range of load impedances.

Key features of the LMH6522 include a OIP3 of 49 dBm at 200-MHz input frequency, precise 1-dB gain steps over a wide 31-dB range, and a noise figure of 8.5 dB at maximum gain. Features of the LMH6521 include an OIP3 of 48.5 dBm at 200-MHz input frequency, precise 0.5-dB gain steps over a wide 31.5-dB range, a channel gain/phase matching of ±0.04 dB/±0.45°, and a noise figure of 7.3 dB at maximum gain. The LMH6522 and LMH6521 are housed in 54-pin LLP and 32-pin LLP packages, respectively. (Ea/1,000: LMH6522, $$9.95; LMH6521, $6.15 — available now.)

National Semiconductor creates high performance analog devices including power management circuits (IC’s), display drivers, audio and operational amplifiers (OP AMPs), communication interface products and data conversion solutions. National Semiconductor supplies analog devices for the medical, aerospace, automotive and industrial markets. They create analog-intensive solutions by providing more energy efficiency, precision and portability in their electronic systems.


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