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Diodes Introduces USB Type-CTM Multimedia Port Switcher

Published time: 2019-12-20 10:52:34

Diodes, Inc. (Nasdaq: DIOD) introduced the PI3A6386 USB Type-CTM Multimedia Port Switch, which is designed to allow manufacturers to continue to support legacy data and analog peripherals via the USB Type-C port. As the mobile phone and tablet computer using USB Type-C port, manufacturers are also working to remove other ports, such as USB 2.0 and 3.5mm audio jack. The PI3A6386 port switch allows legacy data and audio signals to be transmitted over the USB Type-C port, allowing consumers to continue to use existing peripherals.


The performance of the PI3A6386 port switcher ensures a high level of audio quality without signal distortion or noise. This includes autonomous microphone and ground line switching, while the CMOS design provides an on-resistance of only 1Ω for the audio switching transistor. Low crosstalk between the data and the audio channels, but also give priority to the design of PI3A6386, crosstalk suppression at 30kHz up to -85dB, let PI3A6386 success in this regard.

Other designed features include a programmable slow start and slow stop time, which eliminates the pop and click noise of the audio signal during DC coupling, providing an undistorted audio experience. The PI3A6386 operates normally from 1.7V to 5.5V, making it suitable for use with portable devices. The switch also handles ±3V signals, further improving dynamic range and audio quality.

PI3A6386 supports USB 2.0 high-speed and full-speed signals, and audio accessories USB Type-C mode. The -110dB THD is maintained from 20Hz to 20kHz (2.0V RMS signal is converted to 32Ω load). A separate ground switch can also be used for audio and data signals to further reduce crosstalk.

The PI3A6386 is available in a TQFN-24 package.

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