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Diodes focus automotive LED lighting to introduce automotive electronics AL5816Q linear LED controller

Published time: 2019-12-20 10:46:09

Diodes des (Nasdaq: DIOD) is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of high quality application-specific standard products for a wide range of applications including the stand-alone, logic, analog and hybrid semiconductor markets.The company announced the introduction of AL5816Q linear LED controller in line with automobile specifications, suitable for automobile LED lighting use.The AL5816Q has an operating voltage range of 4.5v to 60V, provides 15mA output drive current to control LED lights through an external BJT, and supplies A constant current of mA to 1.5a. Higher LED current can be provided with MOSFET.The AL5816Q is optimized for external transistors and is ideal for many automotive LED lighting applications, such as taillight, interior lighting, dashboard and license plate lighting.

Because the AL5816Q combines high input voltage and high output drive current with a variety of high voltage PWM dimming functions, the car manufacturer can use this product to significantly reduce the BOM of various automotive applications.5 pin SOT25 package requires very few external components and does not require a separate switching inductor, and has a high voltage PWM input for LED dimming.

The feedback pin operation only needs 200mV, so the AL5816Q can precisely control the LED drive current, reduce the minimum voltage difference and reduce the power consumption of the LED system as much as possible, especially when compared with the traditional linear LED controller.

AL5816Q has a high output drive current, so it can drive a single LED, LED chain or multiple LED channels to meet the needs of automobile manufacturers.PWM dimming input can accept signals up to 50kHz.The device also has a number of protective features, including input undervoltage locking and overheating closing.

The package provided by AL5816Q is SOT25.



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