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DIN-rail supplies deliver 120 W

Update Time: 2019-12-18 00:00:47

DIN-rail supplies deliver 120 W

The PS-C120 DIN-rail power supplies deliver up to 20 A and 120 W in a 40 x 125.2 x 113.5mm package that is 50% smaller than conventional versions. The single-output units provide an up-front power surge by boosting 50% more power in the first 3 s followed by 100% of continuously rated power in service.

The supplies provide up to 94% efficiency and suit factory automation, semiconductor fabrication machinery, marine, and electromechanical equipment. Standard features include a built-in dc-ok relay contact that enables remote confirmation of the power supply, and a built-in active PFC function. The power supplies are convection cooled and incorporate multiple protections against short circuits, overload, overvoltage, and overtemperature. (Contact Dan Schuster 908-806-9400 for price and availability.)

Altech Corp., a market leader offering automation and control components, manufactures industrial enclosures, UL approved miniature circuit breakers, and manual motor controllers.


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