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Dialog semiconductor launches its latest ultra-low power wi-fi SoC to accelerate IoT deployment

Update Time: 2019-12-20 14:04:53

Dialog launches its first wi-fi product, following its recent acquisition of Silicon Motion's mobile communications line.

Beijing, China, June 5, 2019 - a highly integrated power management, AC/DC power conversion, audio, charging and bluetooth low energy technology suppliers Dialog semiconductor company (German stock exchange transaction code: DLG) announced that launch FC9000, the product is the Dialog to buy Silicon MoTIon after the company's mobile communications product line to the wi-fi SoC, the transaction has been completed on May 31, 2019.The FC9000 is targeted at battery-powered IoT devices such as smart door locks, video monitoring systems, smart thermostats, wireless sensors, etc. It enables these devices to connect directly to wi-fi networks and generally supports battery life of more than one year.

Previously, devices running on Zigbee, ZWave, or bluetooth standards had to be paired with expensive and cumbersome gateways or smartphones to connect to the cloud, adding to the complexity and unnecessary cost of IoT deployment.As we enter the era of ubiquitous wi-fi, the FC9000 is well positioned to address these issues.


Dialog semiconductor company senior vice President and connection and audio technology department general manager Sean McGrath said: "FC9000 is our new VirtualZero ™ product line of the first product, to our existing lead bluetooth networking equipment used in low power SoC product portfolio had good supplement to bring our customers the next Internet connection technology innovation.This wi-fi device is the first in a series of products we plan to roll out that will help address major pain points for device manufacturers and end-users in terms of IoT network compatibility and power consumption."

The FC9000's patented energy-saving algorithm sets a new power consumption benchmark for the industry, helping it operate at just a few microamps, thereby extending the overall battery life of terminal devices.The FC9000 has been adopted by Venstar, a leading supplier of energy management systems and one of the world's largest thermostats.

Steve Dushane, CEO of Venstar, said, "thanks to Dialog's latest SoC, our customers are able to enjoy more efficient and reliable wi-fi sensors and over a year of battery life.We are the first to use this technology in our products, which gives us an important competitive advantage."

The SoC also provides independent hardware accelerated encryption engines that increase the speed of wi-fi encryption, such as wpa2-enterprise and Personal.This support also includes higher levels of commercial-grade security encryption, such as TLS for HTTPs, which is also the modern standard for web site security.

The FC9000 is a complete offload system for wi-fi networks that runs the application code of the terminal device with its own application code.It does not require an external network processor or microcontroller, but it can work with microcontrollers if needed.The SDK that comes with the device helps developers implement designs quickly and provides 1.6MB of ample SRAM onboard memory.

The FC9000 SoC is now in mass production, provided in SoC or integrated modules, both of which are wi-fi certified.All module products have passed FCC, IC and CE certification, and are suitable for global operation.

Dialog, the Dialog logo, and VirtualZero are trademarks of Dialog semiconductor or its subsidiaries.All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners.Copyright 2019 Dialog semiconductor inc. All rights reserved.

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