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Device integrates MOSFET and diode in one package

Update Time: 2019-12-20 23:33:36

Device integrates MOSFET and diode in one package

Fairchild Semiconductor introduced a family of 100 V BoostPak devices that combines a MOSFET and diode in one package to replace discrete solutions currently used in LED TV/monitor backlight, LED lighting and DC/DC converter applications. By integrating the MOSFET and diode into a single package, the FDD1600N10ALZD and FDD850N10LD devices are presented as able to save board space, simplify assembly, lower bill of material (BOM) costs and improve reliability of the application. The devices feature an N-channel MOSFET produced using the company’s PowerTrench process that has been tailored to minimize the on-state resistance while maintaining desirable switching performance. The NP diode is a hyperfast rectifier with low forward voltage drop and excellent switching performance. It is said to have much lower leakage current than a Shottky diode, which improves system reliability in high temperature applications.

Fairchild Semiconductor,

In the previous Fairchild Semiconductor was a leading global supplier of power analog, power discrete, and optoelectronic components that optimize system power.

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