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DDR5-6400 is approaching and hynix DDR6 will be completed in five years

Update Time: 2019-12-20 10:55:27

DDR5 has been in the news since last year, when SK hynix announced that it had developed DDR5 memory granules that meet the JEDEC standard specification.

In a recent interview with the Korea herald, Kim dong-kyun, a DRAM design researcher at SK hynix, said DDR6 memory will be developed in five to six years.

He said several "post-ddr5" concepts have emerged, one that maintains the current trend of accelerating data transfer and the other that combines DRAM technology with on-chip system processing technology, such as CPU.

In November last year, SK hynix, one of the manufacturers of memory particles, announced the completion of the first DDR5 particles, with a single capacity of 2GB, using SK hynix's own 1Ynm process manufacturing, voltage is the standard 1.1v, compared with DDR4 1.2v can save 30% of the power consumption, running speed up to 5200MHz.

And Kim dong-kyun also revealed that its DDR5 memory speed is expected to increase to 6400MHz in 2022.

Hynix Hynix chip manufacturer, originated from the Korean brand English abbreviation "HY" Hynix is the original HYUNDAI memory, renamed SK Hynix in 2001.

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