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DDR4 sockets feature a highly reliable contact structure

Update Time: 2019-12-20 00:43:05

DDR4 sockets feature a highly reliable contact structure

Fujitsu introduces JEDEC-compliant, DDR4 DIMM sockets with a highly reliable contact structure that improves intermatability between the DDR4 memory card and pcb socket. The FCN-07 series of card-edge memory module sockets feature a split-beam contact structure that provides two points of contact on the inserted memory card to ensure that there are no intermittent signals, due to dust particles, flux or vibration, during system bring-up, or for the long-term life of the project. Target applications include high-performance computing, telecommunications, and industrial applications. Features include:

  • SMT and through-hole termination types.
  • 288 pins on 0.85mm centers.
  • Measurements of 6.50mm (W) x 21.3mm (H) x 141mm (L).
  • A current rating of 0.75A.
  • Voltage rating of 29V AC/DC.
  • Dielectric withstand voltage of AC 500V.

For more information on the FCN-07 series, please visit

Fujitsu's product line includes electromechanical relays, high-speed differential connectors, and resistive touch panels for a wide range of applications and industries. Fujitsu is committed to developing superior products. Strict quality-process standards has put the Fujitsu at the forefront of the latest technologies, backed by outstanding customer service.


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