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Damping resistance model and burn out reason

Published time: 2019-12-20 09:55:01

The reason why the damping resistance burns out

The damping resistance is burnt out, resulting in open circuit operation of rectifying transformer or high spark rate and low parameter operation.The reasons are as follows:

(1) poor contact of damping resistance.

(2) the vibration of the isolating switch box is relatively large.

(3) the enclosure is not tightly sealed enough for rain water to enter.

(4) the damping resistance is damaged during installation.

Damping resistance

Damping resistance model

High voltage damping resistance is installed between the output of rectifying and varying high voltage to the electric field entry line. It is recommended to install it on the contact point of the isolation switch (vertical suspension) in the high voltage isolation switch cabinet, or install it on the wall bushing before entering the electric field.Because the damping resistance work, will be hot, so try not to install in the rectifying variable high pressure output copper screw, so as not to affect the life of the high pressure output end seal rubber ring, serious leakage will therefore.Pay attention to the distance from the side shell and other equipment to prevent discharge.

Selection reference:

0.1-0.4 - A rectifier transformers 2 k Ω / 500 w

0.6-0.8 - A rectifier Ω 1 k / 1200 w

1.0-1.6 - A rectifier 700 Ω / 2800 w

1.8-2.0 - A rectifier 500 Ω / 3000 w

Damping resistance

Selection of damping resistance

The quality of damping resistance seriously affects the service effect and service life of the high-voltage silicon rectifying transformer of electrostatic dust removal equipment. The high-voltage silicon rectifying power supply manufactured by our company is equipped with high-voltage damping resistance made of white corundum porcelain bottles and high-quality resistance wire.

Restricted by the high voltage isolating switch box, the external dimensions of the damping resistance can only be within the allowable dimensions of the high voltage isolating switch box to prevent high voltage ignition.Commonly used shape size diameter of damping resistance has 75, 100 two Φ Φ, length L230, L380, L300 3 kinds.Damping resistance in use process, caused by high voltage current relationship can lead to resistance wire heating, and the structure of the damping resistance porcelain inevitably affect the heat dissipation effect, so under the condition of equal power and resistance, the longer the length of the appearance of damping resistance size diameter, the greater the heat dissipation effect is better, but this need according to the actual requirements of the electric silicon rectifier transformer, too much allowance is also a kind of unnecessary waste.

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