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Custom epoxy-insulated bus bars suit HV systems

Update Time: 2019-12-19 00:00:01

Custom epoxy-insulated bus bars suit HV systems

Custom epoxy powder-coated bus bar products are manufactured to customer specs and according to ISO9001- and AS9100-certified quality procedures. The epoxy insulation system targets high-voltage systems and any other bus bar application having complex shapes and/or bends. Custom machined hardware can be installed using solder, silver solder, or press-fitting.

Individual bus bars are plated with Sn, Ni, Ag, PbSn, or other customer-specified material and then masked and powder coated using a proprietary powder-coating process. Multilayer assemblies may be laminated using a thermoset two-part epoxy system. The 1,200-V/0.001-in. dielectric strength epoxy coating may be applied in thicknesses ranging from 0.0010 to 0.060 in. with a tolerance of ±0.005-in. (Contact Mike Schulte, 607-432-3880, ext. 216, for price and availability.)

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