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Current-sense transformers designed for automotive electronics

Update Time: 2019-12-20 22:34:25

Current-sense transformers designed for automotive electronics

TDK Corporation (Iselin, NJ) announces two new SMT current sense transformers for automotive electronics. The first type (B78417A285A003) is based on an EP7 ferrite core and has dimensions of only 10.6 mm x 12.2 mm x 11 mm.  It is designed to measure pulse currents of up to 20 A. The DC resistance is 1.3 mΩ on the primary side and 3.7 Ω on the secondary side. The second SMT current sense transformer (B78419A2251A003) contains an EP10 ferrite core and measures 12.8 mm x 13.6 mm x 14.4 mm. The measurement range of the larger type extends to 30 A. Its DC resistance is 0.5 mΩ on the primary side and 2.7 Ω on the secondary side. Other features include:

• A turn ratio of 1:100.
• Suitability for the wide temperature range from -40 to +150 oC. 
• Test voltage between the primary and secondary sides of 2800 V DC. 
• Qualification to AEC-Q200.

For more information on the current sense transformers, visit

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