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CTS Electronic Components Surface Mount Quartz Crystals

Update Time: 2019-12-19 22:13:02

CTS Electronic Components Surface Mount Quartz Crystals

CTS Electronic Components' Surface Mount Quartz Crystals (Models 403, 405, 406, and 407) are ceramic packaged Crystals ideal for high-density circuit board applications. These Surface Mount Quartz Crystals from CTS Electronic Components offer reduced size, frequency ranges of 6-156.25MHz, operating temperature range of -40oC to +85oC, stable frequency over temperature and drive level, Tape & Reel packaging that is EIA-481-2 compliant, and reliable precision and excellent shock performance in wireless telecommunication devices.

CTS Electronic Components is a division of CTS Corporation. The division has five product lines: electronic components, filters, frequency control, resistors and thermal management solutions. The company manufactures a wide range of frequency control devices, integrated circuits, ceramic RF filters and duplexers, EMI/RFI filters, capacitors, resistors and resistor/capacitor networks, DIP and rotary switches, rotary and linear potentiometers, Encoders, resistors and resistor/capacitor networks and thermal management components.

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