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Crydom H1 Series Solid State Relays - EXPANSION

Update Time: 2019-12-19 22:12:28

Crydom H1 Series Solid State Relays - EXPANSION

Crydom has expanded the H1 Series Solid State Relays to include 1600 Volt Blocking models, featuring 4000 VAC optical isolation, and optional LED input status indicator. This relay series offers higher levels of breakdown voltage and noise immunity for applications exposed to high voltage surge conditions.

Crydom H1 Series SSRs are Panel Mount Solid State Relays with ratings from 25 to 125 Amps @ 48 - 6680 VAC. Features include back-to-back SCR output, flexible 4-32 VDC control voltage, and low output off-state leakage current.

Crydom is the world's leading solid state relay manufacturer. Offer the widest range of off-the-shelf solid state relays, contactors and related products, as well as custom-designed solid state switching solutions.


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