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Crydom DRA & DRS DIN Rail Assemblies/Sockets

Update Time: 2019-12-19 22:12:07

Crydom DRA & DRS DIN Rail Assemblies/Sockets

Crydom introduces new lines of DIN Rail mounted SSR assemblies and sockets for single channel and four channel applications.

The Crydom DRA Series of AC and DC output solid state relay (SSR) assemblies combine PCB mounted single-in-line SSRs with 10 and 54mm wide DIN rail mounted sockets. The Crydom DRA series SSR Assemblies are offered in a wide vareity of ratings which are ideal for low to medium power control for heating, lighting, or motion control applications.

The Crydom DRS Series Sockets are designed to accept up to four individual Crydom SIP type PCB mounted SSRs with industry standard 1.1 inch / 27.9 mm end-to-end pin spacing (width: 10mm for single channel, 54mm for four channel). The Crydom DRS Series DIN Rail Sockets arrive in kit form to allow the best SSR and input configuration for any application. Included in the kit are instructions and input status LED indicators and resistors for low or high range DC inputs.

Crydom is the world's leading solid state relay manufacturer. Offer the widest range of off-the-shelf solid state relays, contactors and related products, as well as custom-designed solid state switching solutions.


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