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Crouzet Micro-Control Millenium 3 Logic Controllers

Update Time: 2019-12-19 22:12:03

Crouzet Micro-Control Millenium 3 Logic Controllers

Crouzet's Micro-Control Millenium 3 Logic Controller product line is the latest generation of micro-PLC's. The easy-to-program Millenium 3 product class comprises a variety of ranges and starter kits that include compact, expandable, and application-specific as well as accessories such as programming tools and software, connection apparatus, removable connectors, remote LCD displays/keypads, power supplies, signal and temperature converters, and more. With Crouzet's Millenium 3, end users can program through Ladder programming or function blocks/Grafcet SFC, and the Millenium 3 offers communication capabilities via modem or network, with a web supervision option. Applications that utilize Millenium 3's include heating/air conditioning, access control, heat pumps, water and air treatment, waste treatment, lifting and handling, medical equipment, and pump management.

Crouzet is a leading manufacturer of automation control components, serving industrial, aerospace and transport industries worldwide. Crouzet has over 80 years of experience and expertise in electronic, electromechanical and magnetic technologies.

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