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Cortex R-series cores target real-time apps

Published time: 2019-12-19 00:00:01

The Cortex-R5 MPCore and the Cortex-R7 MPCore processor IP target real-time embedded applications such as 3G and 4G mobile baseband, mass-storage, automotive, and industrial markets. The cores feature low-latency, deterministic responsiveness, and hard- and soft-error management for dependable systems.

The R5 yields 1.66 DMIPS/MHz at up to 480 MHz using an eight-stage pipeline, while the R7 delivers 2.53 DMIPS/MHz at up to 600 MHz with an 11-stage pipeline. Both yield ~11 DMIPS/mW. They can be implemented as either single or dual cores, and the R7 MPCore features symmetric multiprocessing technology. Dual-core configurations can be lock-step for safety or split for 2x performance. (Cortex IP is licensed to processor manufacturers — R5, available now; R7, 3rd qtr.)

ARM Holdings is the world's leading provider of semiconductor intellectual property (IP) and is therefore at the heart of digital electronics development. Headquartered in Cambridge, England, ARM has more than 1,700 employees and has offices around the world, including design centers in Belgium, France, India, Sweden and the United States. The ARM processor is the first RISC microprocessor designed by Acorn Computer for low budget markets. Earlier known as Acorn RISC Machine. The ARM processor itself is a 32-bit design, but it is also equipped with a 16-bit instruction set, which generally saves 35% compared to equivalent 32-bit code, while retaining all the advantages of a 32-bit system.



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