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Connectors satisfy solid state lighting fixture applications

Update Time: 2019-12-20 00:13:42

Connectors satisfy solid state lighting fixture applications

Hirose Electric has developed a complete series of wire-to-board, board-to-board joint, and in-line connectors to satisfy solid state lighting fixture applications. Providing space savings, high cable pull force, and a secure connection upon installation, the DF Series connectors (DF57, DF59, DF61, DF62) offer a variety of connector solutions for designers of lighting fixtures, SSL arrays, and LED bulbs. The 1.2-mm pitch, 1.4-mm height DF57 Series wire-to-board connector has a high current capability of 2.5 A, high contact lance strength and a low profile to make it suitable for connecting LED drivers to lighting fixtures. The double “swing lock” design ensures that positive and friction locks are both provided within the miniature connector body. Also featuring the advanced “swing lock” design, the DF59 Series 3-way system connector has a 2.0-mm pitch and innovative “stress free contact” that provides 0.5mm floating function in XYZ directions. Three selectable types of headers mate to the DF59 Series connector’s one common socket: wire-to-board; board-to-board joint; and short-circuit-pin. The DF59 Series devices are well suited for linear SSL applications.

The 4-amp current capacity of the rugged DF61 Series connector makes it a smart design choice for LED light bulbs and LED tube fixtures, where its high current and high voltage capabilities fulfill the requirement for continuous use. The DF61 Series connector has the unique ability to be vertically mated despite its low profile, while maintaining positive lock structuring and a long creepage distance. The DF61 devices are available in three different connection styles: straight, right angle, and in-line.

The DF62 Series in-line connectors feature box-shaped female contacts that work as a mating guide for male contacts, virtually eliminating contact buckling. The two-point crimp contact design delivers a reliable connection that is resistant to shock and vibration. There is no exposed metal on the connector, eliminating the possibility of short circuits between the connector and the inside of metal conduits.  The small size and high durability of the DF62 Series connector makes it ideal for narrow or confined cabling needs.

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