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The Qorvo? module helps major auto manufacturers to conduct cellular car networking tests

Update Time: 2019-12-20 14:35:39

Qorvo, inc. announces that its powerful front-end module (FEM), QPF1002Q(a key component of the reference design for the qualcomm 9150 chipset), will play an important role in the global field testing of cellular vehicle network (c-v2x) applications. Qorvo FEM has excellent linear power output and thermal management performance, contributing to the construction of wireless secure communication systems between vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians and infrastructure for direct real-time communication.C-v2x technology integrates 5G's advantages of low latency and high bandwidth into automotive applications.

The Qorvo products are designed to solve the most difficult RF problems in the automotive industry, while supporting the c-v2x and DSRC protocols.Related products will be displayed at booth 40943 Qorvo at Las Vegas sands convention center during CES(#CES2019) on January 8 solstice 11.


Gartner Research estimates there will be 250 million connected vehicles on the road by 2020. Currently, audi, PSA, ford, nissan and other relevant participants are actively promoting relevant experimental projects in Europe, North America, China, Japan and South Korea. Qualcomm 9150 chipset equipped with Qorvo QPF1002Q FEM participated in the c-v2x test.

Qorvo's QPF1002Q is a technologically advanced FEM designed for use with the qualcomm 9150 chipset to improve linear power output and efficiency for low-temperature operation in automotive applications.The higher operating power supports greater coverage and improves accuracy and reliability, which are critical to the intelligent on-board communication systems needed for connected cars and autonomous driving.Qorvo's FEM, consisting of HBT PA, PHEMT LNA and PHEMT switches, provides superior performance over competing technologies.

"The connected car of the future will require precise RF communication with other vehicles, infrastructure and even mobile phones," said Gorden Cook, general manager of Qorvo's transmission business.The performance, integration, and packaging of our c-v2x modules meet application requirements, helping drive field testing of interconnected vehicles worldwide.Qorvo is working with leading automotive oee manufacturers to develop advanced connectivity technologies to build connected cars that are safer, more reliable and more fun to live."

The c-v2x operates at 5.9 GHz, a significant performance challenge for RF front-end components. QPF1002Q meets the stringent requirements of c-v2x, including the 3GPP 14th edition specification for pc5-based direct communication.Qorvo's product is fully compliant with the aec-q100 class 2 vehicle certification requirements and can operate in environments ranging from -40 °C to + 105°C.Engineering samples of QPF1002Q are now available.

Qorvo offers a wide range of automotive wi-fi, SDARS, GPS and LTE solutions.In addition to meeting ISO/TS 16949 certification requirements, Qorvo also conducts aec-q100 and aec-q200 tests to ensure that the products meet stringent automotive industry requirements.

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