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Communication drives small businesses

Update Time: 2019-12-20 13:41:47

Communication drives small businesses

Communications innovations have changed the way we live and work. Small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) need to use these innovations in ways that will give them the biggest impact.

Small to mid-sized businesses in all industries are always looking for a competitive advantage. That’s true whether you’re in manufacturing or the service industry, construction or technology, healthcare or real estate. You can gain this advantage by being an early adopter--especially if it saves money!

Yet, technology can be overwhelming. To be successful, it’s important for SMBs to work with reliable vendors while taking on a technology transformation. But it also helps to understand what kind of benefits you can expect, what role technology plays at critical times for your business, even to see what kind of results others have experienced.

We have created a dedicated area on our website, to specifically address these issues for SMBs. 

In this area, you’ll find examples that show how businesses have reduced their costs, strengthened customer relations, and improved overall business performance from working with business partners who have implemented award-winning Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions for SMBs. 

To help SMBs adapt tools that improve communications within the business or with customers outside, we offer cutting-edge technology in a modular platform, making it an efficient, modern and simple solution to implement.

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Lucent Technologies stated that its Microelectronics Group would be renamed Agere System. The choice of company name is based on Lucent's acquisition of the original Agere Systems, and Lucent Microelectronics has since absorbed its network programmable processor technology.


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