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The Energy Measurement ICs from Cirrus Logic

Update Time: 2019-12-20 16:21:52

The Energy Measurement ICs from Cirrus Logic

Cirrus Logic has over a decade of experience in energy measurement. We focus on providing the easiest to use, highest accuracy, lowest cost, and most flexible AFE solutions available on the market today. Whether customers are building utility meters, power supply monitors, smart appliances, smart plugs, electric vehicle chargers, or solar inverters, they can rely on Cirrus Logic to provide the highest level of performance at the lowest cost, with the best support in the industry.

Cirrus Logic Energy Measurement ICs are a high-accuracy energy measurement analog front end. These Energy Measurement ICs incorporate independent 4th order Delta-Sigma analog-to-digital converters for every channel, reference circuitry, and the proven EXL signal processing core to provide active, reactive and apparent energy measurement. RMS and power factor calculations for these Energy Measurement ICs are available and are output via a configurable energy pulse, or direct SPI/UART serial access to on-chip registers. Cirrus Logic Energy Measurement ICs also provide instantaneous current, voltage and power measurements that are available over the serial port.

The Energy Measurement ICs Features
1.HIGHEST ACCURACY: Very flat over long range; ultra-low noise level; high SNR --makes Cirrus Logic the market leader in accuracy
2.LOW COST: Optimizing die sizes; building devices as hard coded ROMs; no expensive flash memory - allows Cirrus Logic to pass the cost benefits through to customers
3.FAST CALIBRATION: Superior analog performance; offset correction is very fast; calibration time of 2-3 seconds; up to 10 times quicker than many competing SOC solutions - Cirrus Logic can significantly speed production.
4.FLEXIBILITY: Lock in a global metrology portion of the meter's design; free up designers to select the MCU to satisfy local requirements for communications, LCD drive, IO etc. - the Cirrus Logic AFE approach
5.EASE OF USE: Pre-programmed power calculation engine eliminates any need for manual programming and also mitigates security concerns

The Single-Phase Bi-Directional Power/Energy IC :CS5463

The CS5463 enables digital power meter manufacturers to provide highly accurate, cost-effective solutions for advanced power measurements. This IC is an integrated power-measurement device that combines two Delta Sigma A/D converters, high-speed power calculation functions and a serial interface on a single chip. Additional features include AC and DC calibration, extended phase compensation and three configurable energy output pins. Designed for residential single-phase or industrial three-phase power meter applications, the IC accurately measures instantaneous current and voltage while calculating instantaneous power, IRMS and VRMS, real power, apparent power, reactive power, fundamental power, harmonic power, power factor and line frequency. The CS5463 is easy to design in as a pin-compatible upgrade to the popular Cirrus Logic’s popular CS5460A and CS5461A. It retains all the functionality of its predecessors, while also providing additional calculations and functionality. For communication with a microcontroller, the IC features a bi-directional serial interface, which is initialized and fully functional upon reset. The CS5463 can interface to a low-cost shunt resistor or transformer for current measurement and to a resistive divider or potential transformer for voltage measurement. The CS5463 delivers accurate power usage measurements and is ideal for electronic power meter applications.

Energy data linearity: +0.1% of reading over 1000:1 dynamic range
On-chip Functions:Instantaneous voltage, current and power, IRMS and VRMS, average real/apparent/reactive power, fundamental power, harmonic power, energy-to-pulse conversion, power factor, line frequency
Meets accuracy spec for IEC, ANSI, JIS Low-power consumption
Adjustable input range on current channel  GND-referenced signals with single supply
On-chip temperature sensor:On-chip 2.5 V reference (typ 25 ppm/°C)  AC/DC system calibrations  Phase compensation:Simple 3-wire digital serial interface
Power-supply monitor,Programmable energy-to-pulse output function
Configurable pulse outputs for real/apparent/reactive power
Power supply configurations:VA+ = +5 V; AGND = 0 V;  VD+ = +3.3 V to +5 V
Package: 24-pin SSOP; lead-free assembly

Two Channel Energy Measurement IC introduce

The CS5490 is part of the CS548x/9x family of high performance analog front end solutions for energy measurement with two (CS5490), three (CS5480) or four (CS5484) 24-bit analog to digital converters. It provides high-accuracy energy measurement at a very low price, and on-chip energy calculations and fast on-chip calibration speeds product development cycles. Flexibility in current sensors, serial communications and digital outputs ensures that the CS5490 is a fit for any application requiring high-accuracy energy measurement at a very low price.


Superior analog performance with ultra-low noise level and high SNR
Energy measurement accuracy of 0.1% over 4000:1 dynamic range
Current RMS measurement accuracy of 0.1% over 1000:1 dynamic range
2 independent 24 bit, 4th order Delta Sigma modulators for voltage and current measurements
Configurable digital output for energy pulses, zero crossing or energy direction
Supports shunt resistor, CT and Rogowski coil current sensors
Overcurrent, voltage sag and voltage swell detection
UART serial interface
Internal register protection via checksum and write-protection
On-chip voltage reference (25 ppm/°C typ.)
Single 3.3V power supply
Low power consumption: < 13mW
16-pin SOIC package
On-chip measurements / calculations:
Active, reactive and apparent power
RMS voltage and current
Power factor and line frequency
Instantaneous voltage, current and power

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