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Circuit protection solutions provide transient overvoltage protection

Update Time: 2019-12-20 23:29:05

Circuit protection solutions provide transient overvoltage protection

Littelfuse, Inc. showcased circuit protection technology designed for the full LED lighting system from the power input all the way to the LEDs themselves, at the Strategies in Light trade show.

Exhibits included a non-functional streetlight disassembled to show booth visitors where and how the company’s LSP05 and LSP10 Surge Protection Device (SPD) Modules can be installed in them. A number of driver components were on display, including AC fuses, varistors, TVS diodes, DC fuses, PTCs, and PLED protectors.

The award-winning LSP05 and LSP10 Modules are designed specifically to provide transient overvoltage protection for outdoor and commercial LED lighting fixtures. Constructed with Littelfuse thermally protected metal oxide varistors (TMOVs), the LSP05 (parallel) and LSP10 (series or parallel) Surge Protection Device (SPD) Modules provide robust surge current handling capability. A built-in thermal disconnect function provides additional protection from catastrophic failures and fire hazards, even under the extreme circumstances of varistor end of life or sustained overvoltage conditions. The series-connected LSP10 is the world’s first indicating surge arrestor that can handle 20,000 A surges.

The NANO2 Subminiature 470 and 476 Fuses provide surge tolerance and protection against overload conditions for downstream components. Their highly compact, surface-mountable (SMT) packages provide for greater design flexibility in space-constrained applications and supports faster placement speed and higher yields during product manufacturing. The 470 Series  is the smallest 125VAC-rated SMT fuse available in the Littelfuse portfolio. It has outstanding performance characteristics, including high breaking capacity and unparalleled i2t values. The 476 Series 250VAC-rated fuses are the smallest SMT fuse with this high voltage rating. Both fuses are designed for primary side circuit protection in compact applications with high AC voltage requirements.

For more information, please visit the Littelfuse website:

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