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CineSnake from ETS

Published time: 2019-12-20 00:00:00

Cinematographers, grab your CineSnakes, a roll of Cat5 cable and go!

The CineSnake™ (PA210 Series) are passive units (external power not required). The CineSnake accepts 'mic' level, line level, analog or digital audio and supports phantom power.

Initially designed for the Canon C100 and C300 digital Cine cameras, the CineSnake is also compatible with many Sony and Panasonic cameras equipped with female XLR audio inputs. The two-part kit includes a "send" unit where XLR-style microphones are plugged and a slide "on/off" switch that enables or disables phantom power. A corresponding "receive" unit inputs the two audio channels to the camera's female XLR jacks.

Custom-length cables with Neutrik™ cable carriers are available. The versatile, lightweight CineSnake enables wildlife cinematographers, for instance, to acquire ambient sound from a distance exceeding 1,000 feet, replacing heavy and expensive audio snakes with light, economical Cat5 or better cable. NOTE: See the PA210 Series data sheet and video.

About ETS - Woman Owned Small Business

Fremont, CA - Since 1967, beginning with custom-made transformers and continuing since 1981 as innovators of balun, hub, adapter and splitter technology, ETS provides a wide range of media conversion solutions for audio, data and video for analog or digital installations over structured wiring systems.

Panasonic Corporation was named to the 2008 Global 100's list of the Most Sustainable Corporations in the World.In October 2008, the company 'Matsushita Electric Works' was changed to 'Panasonic Electric Works.' The Company's Board of Directors is made up of a maximum of 15 members who are responsible for setting the course for and supervising business execution. Since the development of its 'attachment plugs,' launched when the company was founded 90 years ago, Panasonic has continued to pass on the technological strengths to steadily expand business. Using the manufacturing technologies developed for the attachment plugs, Panasonic later expanded its business into information equipment and wiring products, such as wiring fixtures.


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