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Central Semiconductor CMLM0575 Multi Discrete Module

Update Time: 2019-12-19 22:05:08

Central Semiconductor CMLM0575 Multi Discrete Module

The Central Semiconductor CMLM0575 is a Multi Discrete Module? consisting of a single N-Channel enhancement-mode MOSFET and a Low VF Schottky diode packaged in a space saving PICOmini? SOT-563 surface mount package. The CMLM0575 Multi Discrete Module? features high current MOSFET (ID=650mA), ESD protection up to 2kV, low RDS(on) (275mΩ Max at VGS=2.5V) and a low for voltage schottky diode (0.47V at 0.5A). This Central Semiconductor CMLM0575 Multi Discrete Module? is designed for small signal general purpose applications where size and operational efficiency are prime requirements. The typical applications for the CMLM0575 Multi Discrete Module? are DC-DC converters, boost converters, motor drive controls and battery powered portable equipment.

Since 1974, Central Semiconductor has traveled to companies around the world who want innovative and reliable semiconductor discrete devices and offer state-of-the-art semiconductor discrete device high-tech products while the central government continues to produce long-life products for older process devices. a lot of.

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