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Central’s new 600 volt UltraMOS MOSFETs exceed expectations

Update Time: 2019-12-20 14:54:51

Central’s new 600 volt UltraMOS  MOSFETs exceed expectations

Central Semiconductor introduces its new energy efficient, high voltage UltraMOS™ MOSFETs designed to minimize total conduction losses while maximizing power density. The initial release of this new family consists of the CDM4-600LR (4A in a DPAK), CDM7-600LR (7A in a DPAK) and CDM22011-600LRFP (11A in a TO-220FP). The key energy efficiency characteristics of UltraMOS™ devices include lower rDS(ON) (as low as 0.3Ω) and lower total gate charge (as low as 11.59nC). These devices well exceed the operational performance of similarly rated standard MOSFETs. Full specifications are available at: UltraMOS™ MOSFETs are ideal for power supplies, Power Factor Correction (PFC), and power inverter applications. A prime applications example would be the perfect pairing of an UltraMOS™ MOSFET with a Central Semi HyperFast rectifiers providing a superior high speed operational benefit for phase shift compensation power factor correction, where these devices are. UltraMOS™ devices are available in industry standard packages as well as in custom packages. Pricing for the CDM4-600LR is $0.45 each for a 2,500 piece reel. Pricing for the CDM7-600LR is $0.60 each for a 2,500 piece reel. Pricing for the CDM22011-600LRFP is $0.94 each for 1,000 pieces packed in sleeves or supplied bulk. Sample devices are available upon request. In addition to the 600V devices, Central plans to release 800V UltraMOS™ devices by the end of the fourth quarter of 2015. Central Semiconductor Corp. manufactures innovative discrete semiconductors to meet design engineers' ever changing challenges. 

Since 1974, Central Semiconductor has traveled to companies around the world who want innovative and reliable semiconductor discrete devices and offer state-of-the-art semiconductor discrete device high-tech products while the central government continues to produce long-life products for older process devices. a lot of.

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