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CEL ZICM2410P0 / ZICM2410P2 MeshConnect Modules

Update Time: 2019-12-19 22:03:39

CEL ZICM2410P0 / ZICM2410P2 MeshConnect Modules

The CEL ZICM2410P0 MeshConnect? module delivers market-leading RF performance with a very low cost design. The CEL ZICM2410P0 MeshConnect module is FCC, CE, and IC certified, which eliminates costly and time-consuming regulatory testing. The CEL ZICM2410P2 MeshConnect Extended Range Module improves upon the original ZICM2410P0 MeshConnect module by adding a power amplifier and low noise amplifier to increase range to over two miles (12,000 feet), plus more reliable transmission and fewer nodes in your network. The CEL ZICM2410P2 MeshConnect Extended Range Module is specially designed for open outdoor applications in which the nodes are physically far apart or indoor uses in which the nodes operate in a noisy RF environment. The MeshConnect Extended Range Module provides an outstanding +123 dBm budget link that ensures high quality connections even in harsh environments. The ZICM2410P2 features +20 dBm output power, low current consumption especially in standby mode, and a rich set of peripherals. Data rates up to 1 Mbps meet the demands of higher bandwidth networks while an on-chip voice CODEC opens the door for voice transmission applications. The ZICM2410P2 is ideal for mesh, point-to-point, and point-to-multipoint networks.

CEL offers a broad selection of components and modules along with an IoT platform focused on lighting control systems.


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