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CEL Unveils Multiple Thread-Ready Products, including Modules, USB Sticks, Gateways, and Award-Winning Scripting Tools

Update Time: 2019-12-20 14:55:27

CEL Unveils Multiple Thread-Ready Products, including Modules, USB Sticks, Gateways, and Award-Winning Scripting Tools

California Eastern Laboratories (CEL) announces that its extensive 802.15.4 portfolio is now ready to support the adoption of Thread.  Earlier this week, CEL's ecosystem partner -Silicon Labs - introduced its highly anticipated Thread networking solution, including a robust software stack which will run on CEL's EM358x-based products.

CEL's Thread-ready portfolio includes the MeshConnect™ZICM358xSPx module family which offers pin-pin compatibility with the best-selling ZICM357SP0 and ZICM357SP2 (+8dBm and +20dBm output power) variants - two of the most popular module solutions for Connected Home, Lighting and Industrial applications which utilize the ZigBee® protocol.  By offering drop-in compatibility, existing module customers can easily and rapidly transition their products to support the new Thread standard.   Modules also accelerate overall time to market since they eliminate the design risk and certification challenges associated with RF development.  CEL's Thread-ready modules come pre-certified to meet the stringent FCC, IC and CE requirements.

In addition to modules, CEL offers two Thread-ready USB sticks (ZM3588S-USB and ZM3588S-USB-LR, +8dBm and +20dBm output power variants, respectively).  These devices are ideal for integrating Thread into any existing devices which utilize a USB port.   CEL's USB sticks are currently employed in the Silicon Labs Thread Border Router Reference Design, serving as a hardware development platform for rapid prototyping and as a companion to the MeshConnect™ EM358x modules.

CEL's ZMC-GW-ETH-1 MeshConnect™ Ethernet gateways are designed to serve as secure, low-cost solutions for connecting Thread mesh networks to the internet.  The gateways are an integral part of CEL's award-winningMeshWorks™ platform which will also support Thread.  The MeshWorks™ software suite includes a powerful GUI programming tool outfitted with an intuitive Python-based script generator known as the ScriptNinja™.  This step-by-step scripting tool allows the novice to easily create and execute Thread firmware scripts, eliminating the need for expertise in C or fluency in embedded design.  CEL will be demonstrating the Thread capabilities of its MeshWorks™ platform at the upcoming Thread Group members meeting in Austin, Texas on July 23rd.

For more information about CEL's Thread-ready portfolio, please visit


About CEL

CEL brings over 55 years of RF/Wireless design, development and sales experience to the Thread Group.  As one of the earliest Contributor Members, CEL regularly participates in Thread meetings and communications events.  CEL has access to Thread specifications, draft documentation and other deliverables, as well as voting rights within specific working groups and committees.


CEL continues to be a leader in bringing cutting edge wireless technology to market in a way that facilitates fast and easy deployments in real world applications. CEL’s design experience includes hardware, software and sub-system development that spans across a wide range of applications. CEL’s applications support team provides design services and general support to accelerate project development and reduce overall time-to-market.

 About Silicon Labs

Silicon Labs is a leading provider of Thread networking solutions, delivering a software stack built upon years of mesh networking expertise and the industry’s most advanced mesh networking software development tools. Silicon Labs’ Thread solution offers developers the fastest path to developing Thread-compliant products for the IoT including thermostats, wireless sensor networks, smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, connected lighting devices, control panels, wireless access points and gateways. 


About Thread

Designed for consumers and devices in and around the home, Thread easily and securely connects hundreds of devices to each other and directly to the cloud using real Internet Protocols in a low-power, wireless mesh network. The non-profit Thread Group is focused on making Thread the foundation for the Internet of Things in the home, educating product developers and consumers on the unique features and benefits of Thread and ensuring a great user experience through rigorous, meaningful product certification. Thread is backed by industry-leading companies including ARM, Big Ass Fans, Freescale Semiconductor, Nest Labs, Qualcomm, Samsung Electronics, Silicon Labs, Somfy, Tyco and Yale Security. Since opening its membership in October 2014, Thread has quickly grown to more than 160 members. 


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